Best marinas of Montenegro and snow-white yachts


Yacht trip to the Montenegro with GoStream Club!

July 1-8, 2018

Hi, friends!

We are ready to raise the sails again!

This time we host a yacht week in Montenegro, a cozy European country with a slow rhythm, great history and beautiful architecture with lots of old buildings in the Venetian style. We’ll spend one week, from July 1 till July 8, on snow-white yachts in the calm Adriatic marinas. We’ll enjoy the local cuisine and the views of the coastal towns which are stunning if you look at them from the sea.

Just imagine the churches lost in the greenery of the mountains, medieval houses shrouded in romantic legends, and one of the most modern marinas of the Mediterranean, luxury yachts and good European service.

We have already created the itinerary and right now we offer you a virtual journey with GoStream Club. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Day 1

July 1. The yacht week starts with a transfer from the airport. We go to Solila, Tivat’s marina. Check in to the yachts at 5 pm. Take instructions as usual and go to the grocery shop. At 9 pm, we have a Welcome party on the board. Any talks about work – only relaxation, fav music and a pleasant company!

Day 2

July 2. Porto Montenegro, a premium marina, is waiting for us this Sunday. It was created from scratch and has become a worthy competitor for the best Mediterranean marinas. It takes just over an hour to get to it, so we have a free morning. We go for a walk. Creators could convey the ambience of the French South here, so let’s enjoy it.

There are several good cafes with the European cuisine located near the Porto Montenegro yacht club. History lovers won’t miss the Naval Heritage Collection Museum with three hundred exhibits. You will find here submarines of Yugoslavia (and you can take a look inside them), ship equipment of Austro-Hungarian Navy and even diaries of Princess Xenia of Montenegro.

Come back to the yachts and set a course for Kotor. After the narrow part of Kotor bay, we meet a well-known in Montenegro town Perast. It consists of only one street and a seafront with medieval buildings along them. 16 churches and 17 houses which famous clans lived. Perast avoided earthquakes, therefore it is the town where the architecture of the XV-XVII centuries has preserved till nowadays. We have a wonderful opportunity to touch the history!

Two islands are located opposite the town. One of them is created by nature, another – by human. And both are surrounded by legends. The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is on the artificial island. We can moor at the pier and come into this church. On the second island Sveti Đorđe, the mooring is not allowed. There is a closed for visitors monastery on it.

Day 3

July 3. After the night in our marina, the sailing to Herceg Novi is waiting for us. But first – the walk around Kotor. Take cameras and go to the Old Town. Surprisingly beautiful buildings with medieval Venetian architecture stands here. You can find here even those famous Venetian lions. They are literally at every step! Kotor is under the protection of UNESCO and it’s a European Mecca for tourists.

Take great shots of the incredible bay views from the castle walls and come back to the yachts.

The next destination is a coastal town Prchan. It is famous by the largest in the bay catholic church and the fine Adriatic cuisine in the local restaurants. It’s time to refresh the inner man!

Then we spend the night in the northern part of the Kotor bay, nearby Herceg Novi. And walk around the town next morning.

Day 4

July 4. Herceg Novi is the town of castles. It has a serious history of battles. Tourists climb up the street-stairs from one castle, Forte Mare, to another, Kanli Kula. This street splits into several roadways which take tourists away to the medieval squares and beautiful parks. Stairs are the sight of Herceg Novi. They are wide and smooth, have nice white stages and are comfortable for walks. So we come back to our yachts full of energy.

After that, picturesque bays of Lushtitsa are waiting for us. We stay here to have lunch and to swim. Then we sail to Budva, it takes four hours.

Moor in Dukley marina and go for dinner to the best restaurant Dukley Beach Club. It’s the great place to taste delicious Mediterranean dishes and to admire the sunset. And then all night clubs of Budva are open for us!

Day 5

July 5. We walk around the Old Budva and enjoy its cozy narrow streets, have breakfast in some café with the local cuisine and go to swim to the stunning beach Mogren. Then we set sail. Bar is the next destination.

Sveti Stefan island is on our roar to Bar. There is a fine park between beaches of the King and of the Queen and a good restaurant Adrovic where we can have lunch and take great shots from the observation deck.

Bar meets us with its cozy atmosphere. We have lots of time till evening so we go to see the city. Different cultures and religions intertwine here. You can find ruins of a cathedral church and a mosque. We go to have dinner to one of the local restaurants and spend the night in the marina of Bar.

Day 6

July 6. The most Albanian and the most Southern town of Montenegro, Ulcinj, is not far from bar. Let’s sail here! It takes about five hours to get to it and come back to Bar. We sail to the beautiful Valdanos Bay which is a heavenly place.

Adventures lovers go for a walk around the town. Ulcinj was a center of slave trade in the Adriatic Sea and now you can fill the ambience of that times. Also, you can see the sea from any place in the town!

After our exciting walk, we come back to Bar.

Day 7

July 7. Set sail to Tivat. Bigova meets us on our way to Tivat. It was a small fishing village, but now it became a cozy and comfortable resort. A unique grotto is near the village. Sunshine refracts in the crystal-clear water and creates magic light effects. The grotto walls seem blue and sparkling! But we remember, Tivat is waiting for us.

We have lunch in a fish restaurant in Tivat, relax and swim, then come back to Solila. Our journey has started here one week ago and ends here too. We must check out from the yachts till 6 pm, but we can stay on them till 9 am of the next day. We say goodbye to Montenegro at the most famous restaurant of Tivat – Movida.

Day 8

July 8. We say goodbye to new and old friends, go to the airport and fly home a few hours later.

But don’t be sad! We fly to create new itineraries!

GoStream Club – create a stream of positive moments in your life!

And what is the price of this exciting journey?

Friends, if you want to spend a week on a catamaran, the price will be 1290 euro per person.

This price includes*:

  • one week of the living on the board of a comfortable yacht
  • transfer from the airport to Solila and back
  • a professional skipper’s services for every yacht
  • fuel for yachts for all week
  • water for yachts for all week
  • yacht parking in marinas
  • the final cleaning of the yachts
  • an additional boat for every yacht
  • bedding and towels
  • medical insurance
  • party organization during all vacation

The price does not include:

  • flights to Tivat and back
  • visa (if you need it)
  • excursions
  • grocery (about 100 euro per person)
  • refundable deposit for your yacht or catamaran
  • personal expenses for restaurants, auto rent etc.

*The trip program can change because of weather or other conditions. Also, additional expenses are possible because of route or program changes.

If you are ready to spend one week on the yacht in the warm Adriatic Sea, to walk around the cozy European towns, to drink a glass of wine at the restaurant near the walls of Old Budva, order the tour!